Our mission is to provide world class ACLS, PALS and BLS training to busy medical professionals in a convenient and cost effective manner.


Do you offer ACLS PALS and BLS certification?

Absolutely. We provide ACLS, PALS and BLS certification taught to the standards of the AHA. You can take either primary certification courses or recertification courses in ACLS PALS and BLS.

Why ACLStest.org?

You certainly have a choice when it comes to your online ACLS, PALS and BLS testing. But beware that most “low-cost’ sites have no affiliation with a reputable accreditation body, don’t teach to the AHA standards and you may find out after it’s too late that those low cost ACLS, PALS or BLS credentials are worthless. Many of these sites will not refund your purchase or will make in nearly impossible despite their claims to the contrary. ACLStest.org is fully accredited by the National Board of Critical Care Education to provide ACLS, PALS and BLS testing. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will refund your tuition within 30 days of purchase.

Is ACLStest.org accredited?

Absolutely. We are fully accredited by the National Board of Critical Care Education to provide ACLS, PALS and BLS testing taught to the AHA guidelines. ACLStest.org content is written by Board Certified Physicians with advanced AHA training  and specialty training in Anesthesiology, Critical Care, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

How do the courses work?

Once you pay tuition for the course or courses that you need e-mail will immediately be sent with your study guide as well as a user name and password. You can then login to the testing area at any time to take your test or tests. You will need to achieve a score of 80% to pass and do so within thirty days of enrollment. Once you pass you will receive a temporary ACLS, PALS or BLS card by email along with a certificate of completion. You will also receive your permanent card via mail. We have multiple shipping options to meet your needs.

What study materials should I use?

All the material you need to pass the exams will be provided in the study guides and follow American Heart Association AHA guidelines. These guides will be yours to keep. These comprehensive guides are a sixty-dollar value.

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses and testing for primary and recertification of ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support).

What if I fail the test?

If you do not pass the test you may re-take it as many times as you need. You have 30 days to pass the exam from the time you enroll. All the information you need is contained with-in your complete study guide to achieve a passing score.

Is there a clinical skills component to your courses?

We do not have a clinical skills testing portion, and our course is 100% online. If your situation requires a clinical skills test, you may still sign up for our course. Let us know by email that you require a skills test and we will e-mail you a skills checklist and any ACLS instructor can check you off. This is often NOT required and in nearly all situations your ACLS, PALS or BLS card from ACLStest.org is more than sufficient to maintain compliance.

How long does the certification last?

All certifications are valid for two years from the pass date.

Is the course tuition tax deductible?

If your employer does not reimburse your tuition than in most cases it is tax deductible especially if you are fufiling a professional requirement or furthering your education for employment purposes. Consult your tax adviser for specific recommendations regarding your circumstance.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. We offer a complete 30-day money back guarantee. Many other services do not offer this or make it extremely difficult to get your money back. To us your satisfaction, referrals and repeat business is our highest priority. Please contact us at any time via email and we will get back to you ASAP to resolve your issues or answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to earn your business. We know you have a choice when obtaining your ACLS, PALS and BLS certification and we appreciate you considering us.


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