Emergence Delirium Causes, Treatments and Avoidance

Emergence Delirium Emergence Delirium is about the most unsettling situations any healthcare provider can face. Sometimes referred to as emergence agitation, delirium and excitement, and postanesthetic excitement the condition of Emergence Delirium is now a diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health diagnosis. Emergence Delirium is defined by substance-induced delirium, disturbance of consciousness, changing cognition… [more]

Propofol Infusion Syndrome a common cause of fatal cardiac arrest

Propofol Infusion Syndrome shows a positive correlation between the duration of propofol administration and increasing triglyceride (TG) levels, which may indicate onset of this deadly complication. Propofol infusion syndrome (PRIS) may be detected before it happens, given proper vigilance by health care providers. Patients receiving high-dose infusions of the drug for lengthy periods of time,… [more]

National Board of Physicians and Surgeons

What is the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons? Well it’s currently challenging the status quo of board certification – and it appears though they have a lot of support from physicians and surgeons far and wide. And these doctors are “not a bunch of stumblebums afraid of a few tests. They include some of… [more]

What is a Perioperativists?

What is a Perioperativists? You may have heard the term Perioperativists being thrown around the hospital lately. It’s part of a bigger trend in medicine developing during the expansion of new specialties and the creation of diverse kinds of specialists in order to fill needs as physician see their roles changing in medicine especially in… [more]

Ventricular Tachycardia and Ventricular Fibrillation

Ventricular Tachycardia and Ventricular Fibrillation   Sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death refer to the sudden cessation of cardiac activity with hemodynamic collapse, often due to sustained ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation. The treatment of SCA consists of emergent resuscitation followed by immediate postresuscitative care and attempted long-term prevention of recurrence using pharmacologic and… [more]

Pediatric vs Adult Airway

Pediatric vs Adult Airway From time to time all ACLS, PALS and BLS providers with airway management responsibilities, emergent or routine, will encounter the pediatric patient and be called upon to manage a pediatric airway. Oftentimes, if you are not a pediatric anesthesiologist or pediatric intesivist, this causes understandable anxiety. If you are not managing… [more]

AED in Casinos

AED in Casinos A casino can be a stimulating place. The thrill of a big win or the agony of a crushing defeat at the tables is enough to give some patrons heartache – literally.  Casinos are now the second most common place to have a heart attack in Las Vegas. Nearly 60 percent of… [more]

Right Place Right Time

Hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals and community members alike receive ACLS, PALS and BLS training each year. Those in the hospital setting will no doubt at many times in their career put those life saving skills and knowledge to the test, but what about non-medical professional community members? You might be surprised to learn… [more]

A Lifesaving Homerun

One day after taking a CPR class in High Point North Carolina, Taylor Bisbee, witnessed her friend collapse while running the bases at softball practice. As teammates dialed 911 Bisbee began to perform life saving CPR. Minutes later staff arrived with a defibrillator and performed cardioversion. An ambulance arrived and took the player to Duke… [more]