Can Doctors form a union?

As the work load increases to include more and more non-sensical tasks for physicians the question is being asked more often Can Doctors form a union? The article below discusses a situation where can Doctors form a union.   Early in the morning on Aug. 12, 2015, a 68-year-old man named Barry turned up at PeaceHealth… [more]

How does Suggamadex work?

For years the promise of an improved medication for reversing neuromuscular blockade has been on the horizon. It is now available. Suggamedex hopes to improve patient safety as well as improve OR efficiency. After many years of tussling with the FDA. How does Suggamadex work? Read below. How does Suggamadex work? FDA Approves Sugammadex for… [more]

Is online ACLS testing legitimate?

Is online ACLS testing legitimate?   Many healthcare providers to maintain their credentialing are required to maintain a current ACLS BLS and PALS certification or card. Oftentimes these ACLS PALS and BLS classes are time consuming and are not always the best use of time for many experienced healthcare providers. Take the example of a… [more]

Suicide Roller Coaster

Suicide Roller Coaster. The stuff they come up with. As the debate surrounding physician assisted suicide rages on some people are considering some very creative alternatives!   A Roller Coaster Designed to Kill People A technical drawing of the Euthanasia Coaster courtesy of Julijonas Urbonas. According to artist Julijonas Urbonas’s ​​website, his work Euthanasia Coaster is “a hypothetic roller coaster,… [more]

Female Anesthesiologists Earn Less

Female Anesthesiologists Earn Less Than Male Counterparts. It is no secret that females in many professions but the huge discrepancy in pay between male and female Anesthesiologist may surprise some of our online ACLS providers!   RAND: Female Anesthesiologists Make 29% Less Than Male Colleagues More female physicians are becoming anesthesiologists, but their average annual… [more]

Does Giving Surgeons Multiple Rooms Save Time?

Does Giving Surgeons Multiple Rooms Save Time? Many of our online ACLS providers find themselves being asked or asking to make the OR more efficient by offering multiple OR rooms. But Does Giving Surgeons Multiple Rooms Save Time?   Surgeons Who Operate in More Than One OR at a Time: Efficient? Berlin—In some large, academic hospitals,… [more]

Pediatric Anesthesia Brain Development IQ Scores

Pediatric Anesthesia Brain Development IQ Scores The debate rages on. Please see the latest addition from the journal of pediatrics. This is a complex issues that many of our ACLS PALS and BLS providers deal with on a daily basis. General Anesthesia in Peds May Affect Brain Development and IQ Scores General anesthesia may cause… [more]

Achondroplasia Dwarfism Anesthesia

Achondroplasia Dwarfism Anesthesia a review: We came across this excellent review in Anesthesiology News. It is very comprehensive and complete. We find this will be a welcome addition to any Anesthesia library. Achondroplasia: Implications and Management Strategies in Anesthesia A typical appearance of a patient with achondroplastic dwarfism. Large calvaria and mandible are prominent features…. [more]

New Telehealth Guidelines

New Telehealth Guidelines As we move away from the bedside and more healthcare is administered via telehealth it’s time for regulations to come in. We have successfully administered online ACLS online PALS and online BLS for years. So we know we know more than most that it can be done. Please enjoy the following review…. [more]

Ethics of Physician Strikes

As medicine becomes increasingly difficult for physicians to manage and navigate there is the ever increasing threat of a physicians to ban together and unionize or even strike. What would that look like? How what it be resolved? And is there any way we can stop it? Ethics of Physician Strikes   Ethics of Physician Strikes… [more]